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Favorite 7 Pictures Rx7 Veilside Wallpaper

told at some point i would have to do your car i told y’all we would make you proud today’s let’s start it off with a fat thumbs up leave a comment down below saying how stoked you are and let’s get this veil slide kid out Of.

of the car some Of. of you guys saw this Coming.

coming from a mile away some of you guys didn’t see it coming but for those who did big shout out to you guys probably one of the most requested builds we’ve ever gotten over the last seven years on this have all been to do a veil slide rx7 i picked up this kit actually about three and a Half. half weeks ago as some Of. of you guys saw i’ve reached out on instagram because i was trying to find one of these kits i’ll get into that in just a little bit but these things are hard to get a hold of we pulled some strings we found someone in the usa who never installed there so without further ado let’s Start. start getting the stuff out of the car it’s the Most. most complex wide body system it’s not even a wide body it’s just a whole entire new body for a Car.

car let’s get it unboxed so for those of you who Are. are Not. not familiar with veilsidekit this kit was prominently seen In. in the fast and furious tokyo drift movie where our good friend sung who plays han In. in that movie drove an orange rx7 with a veil sidekick that infamously blew up In.

in shibuya and he died that is what this kit is and as you can see it’s i don’t even know really how many pieces it is we have a front bumper we have a Rear. rear bumper we have a hood i think these are door pieces so it’s one two three four five fender garnishes six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seven eighteen and that’s not even including the new headlights and the wiring and the bulbs every single piece off this rx7 is going to be replaced except for the roof the doors even have a wide body kit on the internet i really Struggled.

struggled To. to find any install guides or any people on youtube who have actually installed this there’s only a few s online that are from eight to ten years ago one of them is from this garage in japan and another one some random guy in his garage building this but i don’t even know where to start so it’s definitely the most Complex.

complex kit We’ve. we’ve ever done one of the Reasons. reasons that I. i always ask myself or i used to ask Myself. myself is why do you not see people run the veil slide kit more often and why Do. do you not see it on the internet well one This.

this kit cost 21 000 and that is before shipping that’s almost the price Of