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have five things that i absolutely hate about my car this is a 2016 scion frs and the first thing that i hate is it’s so Dirty. dirty man i’m such a bad owner of this car i need to clean it that’s actually not a thing i hate about this car but it is something that i very much dis because i do need to clean it the interior is horrible i’m sorry guys i need to clean my car don’t judge me on that but we’re opening the garage door i’m going to give you guys a little cold start and we’re going to head to a spot and i’m going to go over the five things that i hate about this car and owning this car and For.

for someone in the Market.

market for one of these frs is gt86 and brz’s you get the point this is the for you a lot of these things are stock problems clearly i’m modified look at that wheel gaps on most of the things that i do hate about this car are when from when it was stock So. so Let’s.

let’s go ahead and get into It. it again don’t judge me of the uh cleanliness of my card sorry for the late um i’m filming this the day of so as soon as You’re.

you’re watching this is the day i filmed it also i know that i said last week that it was going to be a Special. special kind Of