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13 Pictures Gt500 Wallpaper Good Looking

shelby gt500 wouldn’t call this a mustang i’ll just say ford shelby gt500 or shelby gt500 the reason i say that is because i’ve driven standard mustangs this is above any mustangs that you have driven this thing it’s insane and i’m very excited that i’m able to actually test drive this and not just that but be able to actually do a drag race on it on my left side we have dane With. with his hellcat challenger hellcat uh special thanks goes to carlos for joining us all the way from montreal with this new gt500 if you guys don’t remember carlos he Owned. owned the rau she sold the roush and got a gt500 and i was very close to buy one and now i actually want one um this thing is such a beast it’s beyond what i could imagine and at the beginning i just thought it would be just a standard mustang more powerful and so on this is just above that and in my Opinion. opinion ford has done Well. well Shelby. shelby in this case has done a crazy job with this thing it’s such a beast the way it sounds the Way. way it drives is So.

so different from any mustang but nonetheless today we’re gonna do a drag race between the two of them hellcat versus the gt500 on a quarter mile test from a dig in a roll and we’re gonna find Out. out which one is the faster one is this faster than that That’s