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Favorite Koenigsegg One 1 Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

and i’ve got to tell you i know all of these cars are very special but if there’s one car which i’ve been looking forward to driving it is this one the koenigsegg One. one to one one to one because it is the same power as it is weight horsepower to 1360. 1360 kilograms now we Enjoy. enjoy setting a spot of context on this so let me just set some for you right now let’s take for example the current generation porsche 911 gt3 Rs.

rs the gen 2. that car weighs 1430 kilograms with just over 510 Horsepower.

horsepower just try and get that so this thing weighs less than a gt3 rs which by convention is a lightweight sports car with two and a half times the horsepower mindbending stuff uh it just so happens that that amount of horsepower uh translates to just Over. over one megawatt of power classing this as the world’s First. first Mega. mega car there was only seven Cars. cars made technically there was six production cars and one prototype as chassis 110 this is the only righthand drive onetoone in existence now The.

the ethos of this car even Though. though it will reach well in excess of 250 miles an hour this is a car That. that koenigsegg put a lot more sort of Track.

track emphasis on hence the radical upgrades in Aero. aero compared to the other cars of its time so as a more track focused car there is heavy emphasis on Aero. aero and downforce take for Example