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Favorite 10 Mercedes F1 2020 Wallpaper

engineer Formula One is that every season casts up its own challenges last year in 2019 the challenge was how to cope with the breathtaking headlong rush of figuring out how To. to reinvent the Front. front corner aerodynamics after a very late change in the regulations in 2021 a completely different challenge awaits us we’re a completely new set of regulations Is.

is Going. going to arrive and Where.

where we have the terrifying and yet exhilarating thrill of picking our way through virgin design space trying to avoid demand traps and seeking the treasure that’s hidden within those regulations and this year 2020 a completely different set of challenges all over again The.

the challenge being in a year where the regulations are completely stable and where the tires haven’t changed one little bit how do we take last year’s best car the 2019 Mercedes car how do we take that car and produce something properly competitive when the regulations haven’t changed The.

the temptation for us was just To. to keep polishing that one after all it finished the season really strongly and it was developing very fast all the way through the year so there was still lots of opportunity to make that One. one quicker that conservative approach was very very tempting but In. in the end we decided that wouldn’t be enough we were feeling the breath of our opponents on our shoulders we know their hunger and we know that If. if we don’t do something impressive with this car they’ll eat us Up