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14 Photos Mercedes W123 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

770 is totally crazy because we have monday mornings i’m not prepared for this you can tell an outfit i was laughed at It’s. it’s part of the 19 That. that was cool i think the pants warm white we washed together and the shoes is spontaneous for two weeks i didn’t manage to buy anything myself i do n’t have a car for two weeks And. and yesterday on sunday it was so far away again 123er. mercedes that means it’s a 79er baur 240 diesel engine or It. it looked really good in the pictures you see the negatives again we had sent two Or.

or three negative things I said I don’t know I can’t tell you a car and then you’re standing here on site and something is there lazy and funny and then shouldn’t be as deceptive as in the pictures pictures just always recognized the end of the song and on saturday afternoons un d I. i look at the car Once.

once roman i think no marco why do you buy that reminds me of our gold this possible because now i will show you what is going on look Here.

here these are things as you can see and That. that goes on in the same way with the car every component really every one has some rust blum here the door end of the song the stand then Here. here i Didn’t. didn’t want to send it away we sent each other back and forth a bit super Seller. seller has a lot of fun sent you know what leave it i find It. it easy awesome and exactly because i think it’s so awesome i want to drive The. the car for a ride with you now and then we’ll go up on the stage and have a look at what i bought yesterday for sunday those cars slow down locally i’m already a big one yesterday laps driven mai kader drove a big lap for me we had already done without any risk because you linked yourselves on the insta post first of all I would to h. Let’s. let’s show something underneath here is a push button people let’s enlighten let’s make it. clear that the preheating system has already been modified by someone here normally you make the template via the ignition in that case and you solve it here in front of The. the engine is Now.

now still a consumer and a few seconds then It.

it goes straight into the starting phase accumulated that is also interesting That. that they probably have the tenant and that’s how the good piece rolls by the Way. way here have 240 he diesel with power steering That’s.

that’s think I do n’t even know if the beast was is in any case an extract the car has central locking get china where the sky is hanging down a bit but actually had really good equipment here are 79 he builds he also points that’s a good question i seem to remember that the 240