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10 Nice Pictures Ford St Wallpaper

site on berg anyone who is now wondering what britta berg or save what is going on can now watch the what we did for you and look closely now please everyone is back now looked at each other because showed we have now everyone has and now I don’t need to explain much more what we’re doing Here. here so we’re going to look at cars and now let’s go straight to the car what you’re looking at today where we’re going to start we have here the ford focus s t has just flashed through a Bit. bit in orange a powerful Hatchback.

hatchback and you actually want to chase this powerhouse onto the race track that is right next to us but unfortunately not only we Are. are kindly allowed to move here on the grounds of the bilster berg but unfortunately not on the race track, but I’m going to take this little Muscle. muscle man to the country road e hunt with it can drive even faster than 50 and always see What. what he is doing at work And. and how much fun the car is ne now again for the experts among you s&t what does that actually stand for everyone knows of course you also know ste sports technology there it’s in english dear friends this ford focus has the racing suit on and the technical data sheet i’ll get to that later because before This. this racing Suit.

suit and i sweat through which brother i’m through we’ll Have