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Top Gold Bugatti Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

of man jumping over a golden bugatti this caught my eye for two reasons number one it’s a golden million dollar bugatti it’s pretty hard not to notice and number two i noticed that the area that the was shot in looked very familiar and that’s because it was shot here in the middle of the street in the exact same city that i live in so that means the man who owns this bugatti is a local and after doing some research i found out that His.

his name is king amanpour he’s the largest car accident lawyer in my city and happens to own my dream car the bugatti veyron there’s only 450 of these cars ever made and only 72 in the us so my Odds. odds of seeing one in person were slim to none Until. until now if you’ve seen my before you know That. that i love challenges so the next challenge i want to take on is to find a way to not only see this car in person but to also physically drive it so how am i Going. going to do this well if there’s one thing i’ve learned it’s that you can get pretty Much. much anything you want if you just ask i sent king an email telling him that i’m a youtuber that wants To.

to drive his bugatti and this was a Shot. shot in the dark i genuinely did not expect a response back but two days later today i Received