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5 Good View Black Fortuner Wallpaper Good Looking

any my crazy updates hi guys and welcome to another vlog i’m driving this this is the toyota fortuner and this is the regular fortuner i have reviewed The. the legend Before. before but we’re reviewing the regular fortuner because of course this is the one which sells more oh my goodness this is so freaking hot insane all right we’re gonna try this once again after using both the hands i have finally managed to open the engine bay of this fortuner it’s super duper hot this is very heavy no hydraulic struts that is the engine you can see and feel The. the vibrations already and the horn placement is right there yeah that’s a weird Placement. placement for the horn it should be actually frontward i believe any Which. which ways i’m gonna close the hood finally managed to close the hood of the toyota fortuner it is heavy and it is hot as well you see the front is very much revised now the grille is new the Lights. lights are New. new the bumper is new lot of changes you get Front. front parking sensors yeah front parking sensors this is the fog light of course and this happens to Be. be the indicator which is Placed. placed very low yeah it’s Placed. placed very low this is not functional at the moment because i’ve just done it on one side we’ll just shut it as Well. well see chrome has been put on the side Early. early chrome was somewhere right there and the lights have Been