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10 Images Mercedes W140 Wallpaper

take look together at this 1998 mercedes benz s 600 this s600 belongs. to the 140 series which came onto the market in 1991 and was built up to 98 so we have One. one of the very last ones standing here and that is the brewery that caused a Lot.

lot of attention they wanted to make an example of mercedes and yes they Built. built the best luxury car and many said yes now it’s completely done Now.

now you’ve really exaggerated the car doesn’t even fit on normal car trains anymore if the managing director now wants to drive to sylt has to resort to the means of truck transport to sylt to get somewhere he completely overdid it in germany the outcry was great in many other countries not and that’s why a total of over 400,000 were built and over 30,000 s600 and. the rarest variant was what we have namely A.

a short 600 fans there are still A. a little over 3000 pieces and that’s why you’ll look at the design, the interior, the Technology,.

technology, driving around with a vacuum Cleaner. cleaner V12 and see then it’s a sensible investment or is it actually too Late. late yes and when we start with the design of course we Notice. notice at one point or another we have the facelift model that is the most modern form in which we can find the car and the dimensions are more or less modern too that means the way from over there to it Is