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Best 8 Photos Ferrari F12 Tdf Wallpaper

boy indeed one of the reasons why I’m so lucky is I’ve spent more time in Ferraris amazing f12 than most of my colleagues doing things this insert The. the shot allele as you’ll see from those images that car is capable of eviscerating its back tires in a way I didn’t think was possible in fact given the grip available it’s one of the most over BAU cars I’ve ever driven so Ferrari has logically given its power welcome to the f12 TDF the change from Berlin edited to DF is big power goes up to 780 horsepower and talked to 524 Pounds. pounds in now rest 8900 rpm up shift speeds are cut by 30%. 30% down shifts by 60 percent overall gearing is Down. down 6% 0 to 124 miles now it takes just 7.9 seconds and Ferrari stop bothering to identify the top speed at 211 miles an hour it’ll go faster but this is a track car so who cares at fourteen hundred and fifteen kilograms dry it’s 110 kilograms lighter Too.

too most of the bodywork is carbon and the rear treatment is so different the break of the screen has changed the chassis is very different mercy of 275 section front bring much more front grip and the front to rear balance is then managed by rear steering system an aerodynamics we’ll just look at it everything has been tweaked and kicked and peeled to our downforce without resorting to a massive rear wing you Could