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no no oh no um hmm hey guys and welcome to gt not live where we are back for more poppy playtime chapter 2 flying the web so this is our part two of chapter two of poppy play time so i am a quake today i came equipped i came equipped with My. my two leader of harris teeter diet cola which as anyone who Watches. watches food theory knows is the ultimate form of diet cola i’ve got my big old cup from dickies barbecue got my dickies cup and my giant two liters you’re very north carolina today the dickies plastic cup is a staple of any carolinian household it’s the staple of any it’s funny that you say that because this is actually from ohio they got dickies In. in ohio oh do they have dickies in Ohio.

ohio huh see in ohio dickies is top tier barbecue really that hurts i i mean it is ohio it’s ohio that’s what we got you know that’s that’s kind of one of our main selections right whereas down here barbecue is it runs literally you open up a vein and yeah and coleslaw seeps out coleslaw seeps out of the wound followed by You.

you know Apple. apple cider vinegar you know well that’s up for debate sure depends on what part of carolina we’re slicing into the arm of right for slicing in the arm of This.

this part of carolina apple cider vinegar slicing into your Part