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Top 10 Images Mercedes Amg A45 Wallpaper

45 makes a stately 381 hp just as impressive the. basic price of 51,000 170 euros in. the 1990s, ferrari eightcylinders were still a real number with 300 hp and nowadays twoliter 381 hp had a lot to alleviate let’s all take a deep breath as the engine breathes in namely with 18 bar boost pressure the result is the power And. and 4 175 newton meters of torque with a comparatively high level of efficiency The.

the engine is not that suggested at all I. I was a Bit.

bit surprised I thought it pulls that now really squirts used to Be. be the old trade fair turbo runs turbo runs is no longer The. the case these days it’s more the other way around turbos are significantly more economical, especially in the partial load range and I have to say clearly the mother then had to calculate ten liters so let’s be Honest. honest you do that too moved a little in a Way. way that is appropriate to the species, but with ten computers you don’t have to Ermi. ermi 10.2 liters per 100 Kilometers.. kilometers. ttelt the auto motor and sports consumption test I once again pinched my hair clips prophylactically because I expected the worst but then this mercedes here swings quite a bit with long road talks even drives a bit more than that but that’s mainly because of the finally nice highspeed tires but really and isn’t that what’s going on so the mercedes department said yes well we will build A