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Best 9 Maserati Levante Wallpaper

is the maserati levante trafeo it’s a little bit pavarotti belting out nesendorma from the leaning tower of pisa while scoffing some spaghetti bolognese it couldn’t be more italian Especially. especially when you compare it to the german highperformance suvs the bmw x6m or the porsche kn now in this i’m going to tell you all about The. the upgrades this car has over the normal levante which is a bit of a meh kind of car and i’m going to take it for a Drive. drive and test it’s naught to 60 mile an hour sprint time now before we get into all of that please make sure you to this and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way you will not Miss. miss a Single. single buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find Your.

your next car at a fair price car wow your onestop car Buying. buying comparison site the maserati levante Range. range kicks Off. off at 64 000 Pounds. pounds and if you click on The.

the popout banner up there you can go to car wide to check out the latest lease deals on maseratis alternatively if you just want to do that later just google help me car wow and me and my team will help you choose the right car for you and get it for a fair price for one of our trusted car wow dealers this maserati levante trafeo it’s a Bit. bit more expensive than the standard car starts at 125 000 pounds so what are you getting for your cash maserati’s designers Have. have added some Extra. extra bits of sporty trim to the strafer model so you get a more aggressive deeper rear bumper with a fake diffuser Believe. believe me that Does. does nothing but you also get real carbon fiber near The. the exhaust And. and there’s quad tail pipes as well there’s also an extended roof spoiler make it look more sporty than standard car i should point this out though this is the 20 model year There’s.

there’s now a 21 model year levante trafeo and it has slightly different tail lights that’s any difference the key changes at the side include a trafeo maserati badge black alloy wheels standard you get 21 inches but you can Upgrade. upgrade to 22s if you need that extra inch also you get yellow brake calipers nothing says sporty yellow brake calipers another key feature this look carbon fiber side skirts It’s. it’s hard to tell the carbon fiber because they’re covered in grime it’s not that we couldn’t be bothered to clean the car we actually just upgraded to the optional grime pack looks good on suvs you’ve got some silver surrounds here on the wings i’m not sure these vents actually do anything though they’re not completely fake now on the 21 model yeah these are in red you might be thinking might you keep on going on about this 21 model year car Won’t