Favorite 23 Bmw 8 Wallpaper

Not all that long ago, BMW revived the 8 series. I’m driving the 840i, and I’m going to do it. So let’s go part of the 8 series. The relaunch includes adding less. Expensive six-cylinder to the lineup. As well as a four-door grand coupe. The two-door coupe and convertible versions. I think I’m going to talk about the engine stuff first. That new inline-six or the v8 are both turbocharged. The inline-six and the 840i get a twin. Turbo, so does the v8 in the 850. Those numbers in the ladder get it from. Zero to the hair on fire in under four. Seconds need something even faster. M8 high-performance version should be. More your brand of the loco. I wouldn’t exactly use the same word for it. This six-cylinder. The power that it gets is decent but for. A car of this caliber. You know I am expecting. Something a little bit juicier. If I want that, I have to ratchet it up. To sport mode.

I’m going to do that and then. Then I start to see the acceleration. That I expect. Then you get a quicker throttle response. And the chassis firms up. But I’ve got to be honest the sticker. Price on this particular car. I’m driving is a hundred thousand. Dollars for that kind of cash. I want a little more guts. So the eighth series is not exactly a. Shrinking violet. The two-door weighs a little. Bitless but this four-door grand coupe. Weighs in at a not-so-spelled. 4500 pounds are adding BMW’s x-drive. Four-wheel drive system which comes. Standard on v8 850 models. It makes that body feel a bit less weighty. With added traction putting the power down. At all four corners. I’ve got x-drive in this car that I’m. Driving, and it does help. Make things a little bit more. Maneuverable and nimble for all the size. The killer chassis it rides on the. Suspension and damping settings and of. The nest and quick-shifting 8-speed. Automatic transmission. Make the 8-series a ton of fun to flog. Around turns, so stop weaving in and out. Of traffic when you’re on your commute. BMW drivers and get this thing into some. Turns. Since we’re here, let’s talk about the. Interior so there are a lot of things i. I want to mention the BMW’s innards.

But the first thing that I noticed. Is this an amazing crystal shifter? That looks like it’s something at the. Top of maleficent’s. Staff, it’s magical. But if it catches the light just right. It throws rainbow prisms into your eyes. Like a unicorn with its laser gun. Something not so magical, BMW’s. Infotainment system. BMW is not known for an uncomplicated. And mega intuitive interface. The screen is 10.25 inches digital. Huge. And graphics look sharp. There’s plenty. Of customizable tomfoolery over here. With the gauge cluster. And you get stuff like apple car play and. Android auto wireless. But that will cost you extra buttery. Leather seats. Yes, they look killer, like. Spider-man with this red color. And they’re adjustable and heated. After about two hours of driving in them. They get tough and make. My legs. Numb now that might be my five foot five. Inch frame ah I don’t know, so it might. Be something you go check out for. You the other thing you might want. To go check out is the kelly blue book. Youtube. Channel subscribe. Standard safety features include lane. Departure warning frontal collision. Warning with automatic emergency braking. And active blind spot detection. When it comes to those safety features.

Bmws feel a little bit intrusive. They’re almost more like reprimands than. They are warnings. The lane correction assists almost feels. Like one of those. Super grabby instructors at a track who. Yank your steering wheel when you’re not. Doing it right. I’m not crazy about it. I turn. Them down to the lowest sensitivity then. Just. Shut them off. They distracted me. Driving but for someone who’s driving. Distracted. They will be effective. The 8 series coupe convertible and this. Grand coupe is all four passengers. Vehicles. Rear seats are more cramped in the coupe. Then the four-door version. But even here in the four-door headroom. Is not generous. But if you do have some stuff to haul. Around you can put both of those back. Seats down. And you get some pretty decent cargo. Space if you’re wondering whom else. It makes a similar car. Check out the. Mercedes-Benz. S-class Audi a7. Aston martin db11 or the Maserati grand. Turismo. They all might be good bets this BMW is. Huge. And the grand coupe’s wheelbase is. Longer than the two-door version. This latest 8-series iteration checks in. As far more contemporary looking than. Its predecessor. Smooth curves sculpted sides standard. 20-inch wheels. And BMW’s trademark twin-kidney grille. That’s blessedly well proportioned. Round out what I think is one very. Handsome car. While this grand touring luxury mobile. Comes packed with standard equipment. There are good extras. The driving assistance professional. The package gets you those overzealous. Semi-autonomous driving features like. Adaptive cruise control. And an evasion aid and the comfort. The seating package adds ventilation to the. Front seats. The 8 series convertible offers a neck. Warming feature that I think should be. In. All cars full stop. The 840i grand coupe starts at around 86. Thousand dollars. For the two-door coupe, you’re going to. Pay a little bit more than starts around. 89. 000. Adding x drive raises those prices. By 2 900. The 850i starting prices are over six. Large same with that insane m coupe. That’s a lot of coins make sure the. Purchase is worth them all. So the BMW 8 Series is back, and now you. Know what I think, but what’s most important if you’re in the market for buying one of these is what you think, so go check it out.