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Top 10 Range Rover Black Wallpaper Good Looking

i in actually a bizarre location uh around the back i’ve missed a simple thing i wear to parker’s confuse me but here is my range rover it’s probably one of the last appearances of this car on the it has been such a reliable incredible steed so for those asking the wheels are coming off the 23inch wheels are coming off the car the car Is. is going back on its standard wheels and is going to be returned i’ll leave the tints on i don’t think that really matters too much at all um but yeah it’s been incredible i don’t know what else to say other than i’ve thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed this car obviously it’s going to get clean i’m going to clear it out as well and turn it back Into. into a car as opposed to a van but it hasn’t skipped a b i’ve done 21 000.

000 miles in it and i think my lease agreement actually stated that i was only Allowed. allowed to do maybe 15 000 Maybe.

maybe 12 000 so i’m well over my allowed mileage so stay tuned to My.

my socials to see how much the bill is at the end for that but it’s been incredible it’s the P400e.

p400e range Over. over it’s time to check out a replacement so we are here at roy humphreys prestige cars this place when it popped up on instagram let’s run over here actually very quickly just to give you a sense of the Scale