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Top 17 Good View Audi Rs7 Wallpaper

this new a7 is a real allrounder our test divided it into five different categories it’s first about the optics then it’s about the performance over the long haul then it’s about cornering and it’s about what the find the basis for a tuner there is still a lot in it you can still do a lot or you too ross 150 chapter is of course an absolute performance on the straight line we really feel painter who leaves the drag strip the s7 sportback a real muscle car check one the optics tango and. signals immediately here comes the fire brigade the optional laser light shines up to 600 meters away thanks to rs dynamic plus there are, among other things, fat Ceramic. ceramic brakes and 305 km h peak acute sweating ventilated sports. seats conclusion on the subject of optics I have to say that I think the Car. car is very successful, what I particularly is that Heck, opinions differ on that, most say what makes it look kind of funny when this hatchback doesn’t work at all, that’s exactly what I think makes the car exciting that’s something New. new and i think that’s really Good. good next category longdistance suitability matthias steers the rs 7 into its natural hunting ground the subject of longdistance comfort is of course very very important We’re. we’re on the a3 autobahn around frankfurt the autobahn isn’t particularly good it’s very good old very hilly we are driving in comfort mode and the Car