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Best 9 Honda Civic Wallpaper Size Amazing Pictures

which is fun when it comes to talking about cars what’s going on everybody gels from for the mysteries of my garage we are back With. with Another. another episode of what wheels fit and today we were going to be talking about the sixth generation of the beloved tonnison now before We.

we go ahead and get into it don’t forget to .

if you’re Watching. watching this because you’re looking for Wheels. wheels for your Civic don’t forget to hit up Vivek industries comm after this or we have it all wheels tires and suspension anyway the sixth generation Honda Civic Includes.

includes a lot of fan Favorites. favorites that includes the EK the ej the e/m the Mb.

mb and the MC the car that was offered in a lot of different variations all right either way these cars are still out there In. in numbers and we decided to help you guys out a little bit by going Over. over all the different wheel Sizes. sizes and fifties cars and how The.

the different wheel and tire setups look by showing You. you some examples from our Gallery.

gallery over at fitment industries calm so with all that being said let’s go ahead and Get. get right into the Good. good old guaranteed fitment range for these bad boys for Dianna’s. Dianna’s we’re gonna be looking at a range between 14 and 18 inches I don’t know why but there it is 5 to 9 inches for width and it’s offset that will land anywhere from the broad spectrum of plus 0