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the Z car special was that it outperformed cars that cost two or three or four times more this was very capable out of the box sports car it’s kind of Everything. everything that You. you want in a sports car and that for me is what makes the Z car A. a little bit different than some of the other You.

you know Japanese cars we work on we build a lot of 240 Z’s here at JDM. JDM ledges and I think we’ve got another one on the way Hey hey Daniel how’s it gonna kid so I. I wanted to get in touch with you and kind of follow up on the Z project we’ve been talking about and kind of talk about exactly what we’re starting With.

with and where you want to see the car at Daniel’s a customer the contacted us regarding a potential restoration of his Datsun 240z cars but never anything sort of in this sort of Classic. classic era so me and my wife immediately Fell. fell in love with the sees the Datsun 240z is the American version of what was referred to as the Nissan Fairlady Z in Japan I think we were a little bit ambitious we thought we could maybe build this car out of our garage and so we took The. the car apart we stripped it down to bare metal paint it to where it is right now Daniels got the story that I hear from a lot of customers they Want. want to Restore