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Favorite 7 E92 Wallpaper

rest peace get Craigslist and you come across the car the car that was once the most influential car to come out of the three little acronyms cars a car that decided to truly be different because guess what it’s okay to be a little different every once in a while you don’t have to be the same as everyone else why is our roof leaking anyway it’s okay to put hot sauce on you know french fries all right judges okay to try iced coffee every once in a while even Though. though you think it’s overpriced and it’s it’s not it’s actually not okay to ever put ketchup on noodles though so don’t ever even think that that’s okay I’m out Alex Edifying. edifying Instagram and today we’re gonna be talking about a generation of car that is an absolute banger of a car And. and although it loves water pumps more than I love Free. free food it’s still fun okay a Car. car that was unique even within its own Manufacturer. manufacturer and helped pave the way for people to be okay with BMW doing a little Turbocharged. turbocharged skis in 3series okay it was a bit sacred before a Little. little sacrilegious ladies and gentlemen we’re gonna be talking About.

about you wanting to own in the e92 e92 BMW 3series Applause Applause and if You’re. you’re just rubbing into this oh ho yeah baby don’t forget the subscribing if you lookin for aftermarket wheels tires or suspension be Sure. sure to Hit