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this a drag race a drag race of cars that consistently blur the line between sports car and supercar a couple of turbocharged v6 weapons a Corvette. corvette that always punches Above. above its weight and a 911 turbo s thrown in for good measure we’re going to run this in two heats so whichever car takes the overall win in The. the first race will take on The.

the 911 turbo s a car that we know to Be.

be almost unstoppable Okay. okay this is the acura nsx type s now there’s a lot of technology going on here and I’m.

i’m just going to list it off really quickly But.

but i’ve got two electric motors up front i got an electric motor assisting a twin turbo v6 the whole thing is putting out A. a whole bunch of horsepower now and since This. this is the nsx type s we’ve got extra things Going. going on so this has the turbochargers from the gt3 race car version of the nsx new injectors and the electric motors have been tuned differently the suspension’s been calibrated differently either way the whole point of this car is comfort but also launching really really Aggressively.

aggressively so that’s what i’m gonna do dynamic mode on okay left foot on The. the brake launch control and it’s got a first gear designed for zero to sixty Which. which means that i’m gonna wave to these two guys i think all right i’m in the corvette carsten is in the gtr nismo Special