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design would say it’s definitely the 1960s and that’s something that jeep has taken to heart in designing this new generation grand cherokee because this Is. is inspired by the wagoner of the 1960s And. and American. american lux of the past because when americans do luxury they do it well and this vehicle here the grand cherokee l seven seater is a tremendously good example of that this grand cherokee l is an important car for Jeep. jeep because it Is. is the first allnew Vehicle.

vehicle launched Since.

since They.

they became part of the Stalanthus. stalanthus group it is also built in a brand new factory in detroit the First. first new factory in that city in 30 years and it launches in a three row seven seater with a long wheelbase which is not only the first for a grand cherokee but also means it’s kind of the most important model in this new generation of vehicle a five seat One. one will be launching in australia in early 2023 but i think this is actually the star of the show it Is.

is quite a lot longer than the five seat and actually has its completely own unique style although at the front here and all of this stuff is all d with the five seat model and i said inspired a little bit by the past this seven slot grille stands upright and actually leans a little bit forward very much a jeep of the 1960s yet it does a really neat example Of. of integrating all of the technology we’ve got a camera hidden in here the front parking sensor and the camera here it sort of cleanly incorporates the front and gives it that sort of clean luck Style. style this is very much a 1960s style of american lux where they were rejecting the over embellishment Of.

of the Past. past and keeping the Design.

design clean and even though this is the summit reserve which is the absolute top Spec. spec grand cherokee l 115 000 worth of it bind you and it has 21 inch wheels and it has a bit of chrome and All. all that sort of stuff but it is really quite a subtly designed vehicle The. the shape of the grand cherokee l is substantially different from the five seat it has its completely own window line completely different upper back end treatment a longer rear door and has a 3091 millimeter wheelbase on a 5.2 meter long car this is a seven seater in its finest largest form it’s a proper seven seater it’s not just a five plus two this is about being big and in fact the grand cherokee hill is actually a lot about numbers as well you know from the 21 inch wheels to the 276 millimeters of ground clearance that this car can have because this summit reserve here has adaptive air suspension which means it can lift up and lift down there’s a lot going on in here even in the boot this is a Huge