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Favorite 6 Images Dodge Challenger 1970 Wallpaper

for this car this car was called the black ghost on the west side of detroit he would come out win a lot of races And. and then disappear it was the luncheon this is a very rare car made in 1970 only it’s one of 22 fourspeed hemi challenger rtscs but to be triple black with a gator green the best options you Could. could get it’s the alltime cars set up for racing chrysler was ahead of their time the quality and their Drive.

drive trains that helped me you just can’t beat it to this day my dad’s always been a type Of. of person that he s the best he knew he wanted the baddest and he ordered it this car was the king on the street in those days nobody really knew who owned it he would just cruise up and down and guys would pull up to you and if you Beat. beat the guy first second third to the next light you were the winner but godfrey never stops we talked to so many people that heard about the mystery car all these wonderful stories that’s when i figured out i need to know What’s. what’s special about this car my dad got free qualls Was.

was born in 1942 and he was raised in nashville tennessee their family moved up to Detroit. detroit for the automotive jobs during that time we met we wanted about 12 or 13 young kids together we would ride our bikes over to Bell