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everyone christopher keonese here i’m very excited to show you all the preproduction koenigsegg yes go this is a validation car that we built according to The. the principle of the production line and is getting very very close there are still a few details that will be slightly different the seats the steering will be a little bit upgraded small things but this is extremely close so i’m very very excited to show you more details about this and For. for you to Experience. experience a little Bit. bit almost first Hand. hand through this so please follow me around the car and we’ll first start to look at it from the outside so this orange color actually harks back to The. the koenigsegg ccr days we came up with this color back in 2004 and it was very synonymous for our Cars. cars back then almost 50 percent of the koenigseggs were orange so it’s pretty cool to paint this car in this color it really brings back a lot Of. of memories but when you start looking at the car As.

as a whole you can still see a lot has changed in 2004..

2004. everything is a little bit more extreme even though the concept is the same if we start looking here At. at the front we can see These. these new amazing air core carbon fiber wheels these front wheels actually weigh under seven kilos and inside the wheels we can see the new very large koenigsegg brake Calipers. calipers and brake discs that We