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Top 10 Bentley Bentayga Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

a that’s an suv rather than a saloon car in this i’m going to tell you everything you need to know about it anyway i’m matt watson and you’re watching car wow and if you haven’t done so already make sure you to this so you don’t miss any s buy sell car wow let me talk you through what the extended wheelbase version of the bentayga is all about so bentley has had to retire the monsoon he’s going to be old and one day they’ll replace it with some big electric limousine but until then they need a flagship so what they’ve done is made an even bigger even more Luxurious. luxurious version of the bentego and here are a bunch of them at bentley’s factory and crew which are waiting to go out i mean look at these different colors we’ve got gold we’ve got grey pink and this big purple car here now you might think from a distance it just looks a normal bentayga however the extended wheelbase version actually has 2500 new parts and i’ll talk you through some of them now to create this extended Wheelbase. wheelbase bentayga bentley has increased the distance between the front and the back wheels by 180 millimeters so about that much now it has a wheelbase of 3175 Millimeters. millimeters which is 40 millimeters more than a Myback. myback gls but unfortunately 22 millimeters shorter than the new long wheelbase range rover oh well you can’t Win