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Best 9 Porsche 356 Wallpaper Good Looking

it is 356 b was built from 1959 to. 1963 i was a bit smitten by the chic otto and that is the time when this engine was invented was we don’t want to just talk about the engine first let’s talk about the café itself 356 carrera second cod 34 of this car were produced 34 cars is indescribable and we don’t have to go back 50 years Very. very briefly for the younger people this time too a few seconds of series of pictures so that you know more the 52 means the 37th international. automobile exhibition at The.

the frankfurt Exhibition. exhibition center where the presence of federal president heuss and economics minister rh opened the auto industry showed The. the great balance sheet Of. of brilliant developments everywhere technical finesse And. and innovations Exactly. exactly that has with the present time nothing To. to do and then you end up in a corner with someone that car and this car was absolutely amazing for the time it came from the carrera gt more but with a 918 spyder and for us it is now up but for the Time. time it was absolutely amazing two liter engine 130 hp phoenix wave Engine. engine world to be. precise Talk. talk about what does king wave motor mean because these motors are really very very special it ‘s not with the chain or with the toothed belt or something that it needs a motor that is driven via the toothed rack but we’ll show you how It