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Best 9 Subaru Phone Wallpaper

levels please a moment to confirm this applies to your subaru your subaru comes equipped with android auto and allows you to safely utilize certain android features with your vehicle before using android auto with your subaru please ensure that you have updated your phone to the latest operating system and that you have updated all the apps you intend to use with android auto android auto might not function correctly if one of the apps is outdated or having an issue you can update your apps in the google play Store. store through your phone please make sure hey google is turned on In. in your android settings to connect your phone to your subaru you will need a usbc cable to start using Android. android auto connect Your.

your usbc cable to Your. your phone and then to either usb port located directly below the head unit when prompted enable android auto you have the option to press don’t show again Then. then press yes your subaru may let you Know. know that android auto requires setup your phone will guide you through the next steps To.

to ensure your safety you’ll be prompted to engage the parking brake on your subaru before continuing this is located next to the shifter with The. the parking brake engaged your android will let you know what features will be enabled press continue You. you may get a prompt bluetooth connection required please follow the steps to connect your android via bluetooth to your subaru to get the most From