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first half responsible for sculpting some of the most desirable machines ever produced by man for example this 250 gto which is erotically beautiful But. but then there’s The. the second half that uses the illustrious appeal of the ferrari name and slathers it over a bunch of tacky clothes and perfume you know the kind of clothes that appeals to swingers and miami nightclub owners and it’s this much worse second half which in collaboration with acer of all companies made a line of ferrari branded laptops now i bought one of these laptops and let me tell you by the end of this i really hate that damn thing but before we get into that it’s time for a word from today’s sponsor today’s is sponsored by lenode a company that’s been awarded by me is having the best name to save just give it a try it feels good doesn’t it lenode is a linuxbased cloud computing and web hosting service that offers multiple products to manage cloud storage websites databases game servers kubernetes and they can even handle whatever computational load you can imagine and regardless of what service You. you decide To. to go with you will get access to awardwinning customer support if all of this sounds good to you sign up to lenode using the link In. in my description below to get a 60day hundred dollar free credit thank you lenode for sponsoring today’s . this looks a bit the Kind