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Best 7 Pictures Wallpaper Skyline Gtr

had an exciting today right ryan yes sir we are currently heading to one of our favorite spots in the entire state of california or in The. the entire country actually top rank which worry about all of our gtr are all of our jdm cars from all of our japanese imported cars from and let’s do this ryan’s got some pretty exciting news Today. today i do i do so we’re going to take you guys for a little day in the Life. life here it’s going to be a lot of fun we’re heading to top rank importers for an open house they’re having their open House. house today after ours day which was yesterday Which. which is a ton of fun if you Guys. guys haven’t seen that definitely go check It. it out but yeah we’re gonna cruise on the r33 we got to hit the canyon because there’s a lot of traffic but we’re gonna have some fun quick update on the r32 Oh. oh yeah you want to press the button here do The. the honors nice you guys see how good i press that Button.

button very good button quick update on the 32 it’s not looking great tons of oil over there tons of power steering Power. power steering fluid right there so we need to be a race car if we didn’t have to fix it we got some assessing to Do.

do hoping it’s just the fittings let me look in here you can’t really see much It’s