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9 Images Chevelle Ss Wallpaper Good Looking

i think in all i’m standing here right now traveling just. a fine story today we’re at special cars near berlin in Neuenhagen My. my friend was frank and said just come by and have one what you want before we tell each car we have 15 hours to cut it short we got One. one today it wasn’t really a real one But. but a tribute almost a real one has a lot of motor In.

in it and a brutal ruble me the whole thing he drives look at us now . looks me slightly impressed because you ‘re really nice planing and your ass in the water without the word and almost a real it’s not really the. first supersport so that’s really sought after the model it’s a tribute a homage evil. tongues say clown but it doesn’t matter the engine from first I still operated that Or. or the heart of this car The.

the most important thing was running back tris ten. 24 that means a threespeed automatic transmission with overdrive Ensures.

ensures that you can be on The. the road quickly you say and this car somehow comes up they could not be made on the original but consistently on I want to drive there with easy here is a hotfix chassis in it wants brakes ensure that the boxes stop moving the engine has a party beach show They. they also ensure that the thing is easy for me to move in traffic and the obligatory additional Instruments