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Best 7 Mazda Rx7 Fd Wallpaper Good Looking

for for $50,000 50 grand for a 94 Mazda but then again this car comes to me from LBI Limited a local seller of exotic cars here in Philadelphia the same people who lent me the Ferrari f40 and the Lamborghini Yelp up so you know it’s not just any 94 Mazda indeed the rx7 was Mazda sports car to compete with the Nissan 300zx and the Toyota Supra and the Mitsubishi 3000gt in the mid1990s but while all those cars went after more power and more technology And.

and as a consequence more weight the rx7 was the opposite of all That.

that this car had only 255 horsepower but it also Weighed. weighed only 2800 pounds was a full thousand pounds lighter than a Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi 3000gt. 3000gt VR 4 you could take an rx7 you could put an adult Male.

male polar bear inside this car and it would still weigh less Than. than a 3000 GT VR for the rx7 also has a few other things going for it for example I happen to think that this Is. is the single most beautiful Japanese car Ever. ever manufactured ever it was also sold in the United States in this body style the FG body style from 1993 to 1995 only three model years which makes it pretty rare and this is The. the best version this is the sporty r2 model which had sports suspension and Some.

some Other. other performance Upgrades. upgrades over the base rx7 and the luxury oriented touring version this one is also a One