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10 Photos Kia Picanto Wallpaper

a episode of exit iv and here is the key to today’s test car this is the facelift of the kia picanto the. kia picanto you wouldn’t believe it but here is a fivedoor from the segment of microcars or microvehicles i have three competitors as an example for you once the group siblings the brain that would be the Hyundai.

hyundai i10 the toyota aygo is also one of them or the mitsubishi space star the. kia picanto was the third product generation in march 2017 in geneva the facelift was presented For. for the first time in june 2020 it is built in south korea in the euro ncap crash test it received four out Of. of five stars in 2017 with the safety package for the facelift kia has given the picanto at least in the top two equipment lines i.e. in the gt line and xlite a facelift a really classic facelift donated they remodeled the bumper it should now be significantly beefier and can come along a tiger under the hood the engines have also been sharpened again optimized what Is.

is new is that the automatic converter has been eliminated instead there is now an automated manual transmission something has also happened in the interior the displays have become bigger and that driver information display so that between the round instruments you previously thought i was 2.6 inches or as big now 4.2 inches so almost doubled and the infotainment system instead of the previous 7