Favorite 23 Good View Bmw M5 F90 Wallpaper

It’s more high-tech, it’s more modern. I forgot something. A little bump here to test the suspension. No problem, BMW m5 competition. Yeah, it’s all fakes out. What’s up, ladies and gentlemen and. My name is max. And today we’ve got the all-new 2021 BMW. M5 competition so this is the facelift. The lci life cycle impulse. And well not that much has been done. Specifically to the m5 but today i’m. Going to show you. What it looks like with all the new. Goodies on the outside. And then we’ll take it for a drive. Towards the ultraman for an autobahn. Blast but before we begin, don’t forget. To subscribe. And hit the notification bell if you. Want to receive updates when we upload a. New video. And check us out on Instagram if you. Like at otototopenel. Alrighty so let’s start at the front. Obviously. Because this is the biggest change to. The 5 series and. To the m5 you can see that we’ve got the. New headlight design now. The previous one f90 pre-facelift had. It was sort of a modern take on the.

Angel eyes still it was a little bit. More angular but it was. Rounded compared to these new l-shaped. Daytime running lights it’s more. High-tech it’s more modern. But i don’t think I really like the fact. That they have completely ditched. That angel eye design and the. Well the history of that headlight we. Also have the BMW laser light so you get. That blue accent. And for the first time on this lci you. Can also get the. Shadow line headlights which means that. All this stuff in here is blacked out. And. That of course, means that the LEDs and. The blue. Of yeah that pops a little bit more than. Usual we also have a new lower apron. Design so this is a. Bit more angular as well a bit more yeah. Well. Again less rounded like the headlights. The headlights themselves are a bit more. Aggressive as well. We’ve got a new grille design which is a. Little bit more. Upright and it also stretches out into. The bumper a little bit more. But I do like the new front i think it. Looks good we’ve got. Regular competition wheels with optional. Carbon ceramic brakes behind that. That means of course that we get the. Golden brake calipers. Now you have three types of brakes on. The m5 you have the standard ones which. Means that you can get a red or blue. Caliper. You have them compound brakes which. Means that the calipers can be black or.

High gloss red and the carbon ceramics. With the golden calipers of course. These are the ones to have this is such. Such a good break it’s incredible how. Many times you can go from 300. To a 100 and and the brakes just feel so. So good uh yeah it is a must-have on. A car this fast beautiful 20-inch wheels. This has been changed a bit as well for. The facelift. So this is all a little bit more black. Compared to the pre-phase lift. Other than that on the side no changes. At the rear, we’ve got the new tail light. Design again with that black surround. And we showed you this in the new 5. Series introduction video. That this is all yeah basically like 3d. So you can. Touch this well you can also touch a. Pre-facelift light of course but i mean. That. You can feel the structure there’s no. Cover. Over that so i do like that uh. Exhaust the tailpipes are a little bit. Thinner. And they are high gloss black diffuser. Is basically the same they say it’s. Different but it’s. Not really it’s very very slight change. I forgot about this this is new BMW m5. Competition. New black badge uh in the grille that. Used to be a. Chrome m5 badge. Under here same thing s63 4.4 liter v8. By turbo. With 600 horsepower or 625 horsepower if. You go for the competition. Both have 750 newton meters. This has the optional carbon fiber cover. But nothing has been done to the engine. With this facelift. It’s just. I forgot something what about this color. Brand’s hatch gray is a new color ah now. You can see.

The uh the taillights are completely. Open now that looks a lot better than. Before brands hatch gray, this is a new. Color for. This model here so the for the facelift. And I do think it looks really really. Nice on this car it’s a beautiful spec. There is some depth in that color when. The sun hits it. There’s also a new red and a new blue. But. I like this especially in combination. With this. Brown leather aerogum brown. Is the color I thought it was Tartufo. But it’s not. Aragon brown remember that because. This is a really good speck with that. Brand’s hatch gray. The carbon fiber on the interior. Beautiful bowers and Wilkins. And on the inside we’ve got a new 12.3. Inch. Screen display bigger than before. And that’s basically it i mean there are. A few little changes here and there. But the biggest thing is that front end. The tail lights. A couple of colors and for the m5. Competition. They have also taken the dampers. From the m8 grand coupe apparently. So they have learned from the. Development of that car and they have. Adopted those dampers from the m8 so. This car has new. Dampers i think that’s it. We’ve got some new buttons down here, uh. We’ve got set up and mode instead of all. The different switches you could use. To set up everything so you had like an. Engine and a suspension button. Now you have setup you hit that and you. Get your menu. Like you get in the m8 and you’ve got m. Mode down there. For the ugly speedometer. Which we don’t want but we’re going to. Use now. Until we go to the Ultraman but to be. Honest uh the first m5 f90 had the best. Speedometer just. Two round digital ones with a nice. Design then came an update which was. Worse and now we have another update. Which makes it even worse. Still anyway let’s take it for a drive. Set up we are in comfort all comfort. Mode we’re going to go for. M2 which is. Four wheel drive sport and everything in. Full attack mode or maybe let’s start. In m1 because that’s two-wheel drive. Mode. So two-wheel-drive mode means that we. Have 625. Horses on the rear wheels. With Pirelli b0s on a cold day means. That you have. Very very little grip the car slides. Around. All the time and it is well it is a lot. Of fun. It is still, you know one of the best. Setup sport sedans. Out there the directness is really good. The stiffness of the suspension also. Really helps because that makes it very.

Controllable. I do still really like the fact that BMW. Pulled apart the m5 and the m5. Competition. The competition is really, really stiff. It’s really hard. For your everyday driving you have to. Really test drive. This car in your area to see if you. I think it is okay because I can imagine. That. If the roads are not that great, uh in. Your area that a competition is going to. Be. Really really stiff and hard and. Well pretty much unbearable. An m5 though is seriously comfortable. I know that was my initial problem with. It. That i thought it was too soft but after. Driving the competition it all. You know fell into place, and it does. Really make sense now. Okay, so we’ve switched to m2 now that. Means that we have four wheel drive. Sport. Still everything in attack mode apart. From the suspension so this is basically. Our. Automan setup. Soundcheck. Yeah virtually absent i mean. It’s almost impressive how quiet. They have been able to get this v8. There’s. Hardly any sound uh you have a little. Bit of a. Deep low burble in the lower part of the. Rev range. Yes i know but once you get. Going yeah it’s all fakes out through. The speakers. And the engine is so quiet it’s really. Weird. It’s even more quiet than uh when it. Came out. I mean you have opfs now so the. Sound has gotten worse and it seems like. That with this facelift. The sound is even less than before i. I don’t know. That might be just in my head but it. Feels like that. Alrighty Ultraman speedo cam. Oh man it does still. Really feel so powerful the m5 is such a. Such a good car. And this drive train is so impressive.

Here we go. Full throttle as I said we’ve got the. Suspension in comfort mode to deal. With the little bumps we have here and. There. Other than that everything is in its. Most. Sporty setting. Now we have of course also done. Some measurements from 100 to 200 we. Measure the 7.16. Which is very quick weirdly though it’s. Not. As quick as the pre-facelift. M5 we had. Which did a 6.7, so it’s quite a big. Difference. As well it’s it’s pretty weird, but uh. We do know that these m5s they have. Been dynoed all over the world and we. Know that a lot of them generate. A lot more horsepower than BMW says so. Uh 670 680. Is no exception so it could be that. That previous one we had uh delivered. Like 670 or 680 horsepower. And this a little bit less I don’t know. It’s pretty weird because it’s quite a. Big difference. It’s still mega fast though i mean i’m. Not complaining. So here we go, oh it’s so nice and. Torquey. And again you know that sound. Most of it is fake. Little bump here to test the suspension. No problem. And this is you know why this m5 is so. Good. The ease with which. It just walks strides. To 310 kilometers an hour the way you. Can brake. Yeah it’s it just has everything you. Want from a car like this. And that hasn’t changed with this. Facelift. Apart from the sound maybe but of course. There are very simple solutions to that. So in short the facelift i do like the. Front end i think it looks even better. Than before.