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my mom always used to say that a great recipe doesn’t start in the kitchen it starts outside with a seed in the ground growing up we knew where all our food came from because my mom’s giant garden was basically our grocery store when the first genetically modified Crops. crops came on the market my mom made it her personal mission to find out everything she could About. about them and before long she had me searching for answers as well I. I think these Big.

big companies realized There. there was a lot more money in patented seed and they wanted to get farmers forced into racing that patented seed year after year 80% of all genetically engineered Crops.

crops are designed to withstand herb sets very good for Monsanto DuPont Syngenta burned down they’re selling more of Their. their chemicals because they are chemical companies so 150 million More. more pounds of herbicide each year the United States are sprayed because of GMOs if you add water to a food product you must put water on the food label but if you add insecticide Through.

through genetic engineering you need not labeled we want genetically engineered foods labeled they have spent hundreds of Millions. millions of dollars to overturn The. the GMO righttoknow legislation that states have passed governments are not representing the people governments are completely in the hands of the big corporations it’s all about money we have to leave behind this absurdity of spraying poisonous chemicals on our food and get back to the Small