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Top Buick Grand National Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

one the coolest cars of the 1980s it was based on the boring old Buick Regal that they sold from 1978 to 1987 but This. this was no Regal it was really A. a muscle car and was a subtle performance car that you didn’t realize was fast until it was Beating. beating you and today I’m going To. to review It. it first a little overview of The. the Grand National I’ve Borrowed. borrowed this one from a viewer here in Orange County California now I mentioned the Grand National was based on the regular old Buick Regal which came out in 1978 and you could get the Regal as a coupe or as a sedan the Grand National came out in 1982 but the original version was really just an appearance package more than anything Else. else but later as time went on they Added. added more performance the performance came from a 3.8 liter turbocharged v6 which was a very unusual engine back when this car was new even Though. though turbo v6 Azar. azar common now they really weren’t back then now in 1984 the Grand National Had. had 200 horsepower Buick bump that up To. to 235 by 1986. 1986 and then they added another 10 horsepower for the 1987 model Year.

year to get to 245 and Torque. torque was a healthy 355 poundfeet but most people think those numbers are all wrong anyway that the Grand.

Grand National was underrated in horsepower from the factory because The. the Corvette At. at the time made 250 Horsepower. horsepower And.

and General Motors reportedly Had