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Top Golf 6 Wallpaper With 12 Pictures

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this car is from 6 2009 has run 30,000 kilometers and is currently Available. available from the dealer for 12,150 euros , which means that we now have the vehicles at bargain prices in the used car market, or should you rather refrain from doing so completely? we want to know the golf in the second and check a golf is not the hottest thing affair he is he the good buddy for every day always fits always runs regardless of Whether. whether you are young or old you are always well dressed and you can start anywhere with ancestors used golf 6 At. at around 5000 euros there are then 1.4 liter 80 hp basic petrol engine with over 150,000 kilometers on the Clock. clock used this with a maximum of 100 thousand kilometers states at 8000 euros the twoliter. basic tdi is actually completely sufficient 110 hp 250 newton meters of torque and if necessary a peak Of