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Top I8 Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

because i8 has been out for a couple of years now and you probably already know all of the particulars hybrid electric powertrain 0 to 60 in just over 4 seconds can travel up to 20 miles on electric power alone allwheel drive but I bet you didn’t know all of the i8 s crazy details so today I’ve borrowed this I ate from a reader in Connecticut and I’m going to show them to you and then I’m going to take it for a drive and determine whether I think it’s worth BMWs one hundred and fifty Thousand. thousand dollar asking price on the outside by now most people know that There’s. there’s this hole the air can just travel right through but did you Know. know that there’s the same thing underneath in back some of the coolest features are the brake Lights.

lights and the turn signal lights not quite as cool is the trunk space even though the entire hatch opens up the trunk is confined to this tiny little area in the Far.

far Back. back one of the most interesting features inside the car if you move the transmission lever over to sport mode and then you decide now you want to be an eco mode or you press eco the transmission lever pops back into drive some sort of unseen ghost is moving it here’s another weird quirk the Window. window doesn’t go all the way down this is as far as it goes about two inches of Windows. Windows still remaining so you can’t Really. really put your elbow Up. up here because it’s really uncomfortable another cool thing most modern BMWs the i8 has the touch controller pad in the center console so you Want. want to scroll around And. and click on stuff instead you can Just. just write it and it appears on the screen one of the quarks is simply getting in the i8 the owner tells me That.

that you’re supposed to sit Down. down first then slide your legs and then pose the door however the owner also Tells. tells me there is no easy way to get in the back Seats.

seats No how do you get out of a BMW i8 Well. well there’s no door handle instead you press a button and the door just opens up and then the gauge cluster shows you a cool little picture to let you know that your door is it There’s. there’s also a second door opener in the rear half of the front door maybe for the rear of passengers or in an emergency I don’t know ok another Thing. thing you might be wondering I know I am can you drive around with the doors up I don’t know let’s find out another cool thing There’s. there’s a little between the USB port and the center console where you can store your phone and here’s the really cool part it even works when the lids are Closed. closed the gauge cluster is super cool it’s a full LCD screen now when You’re