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Best 9 Images Fast And Furious Skyline Wallpaper

than the thing. For just 300,000 euros you can buy Paul Walker’s GTR, the one used in the fourth installment of the film saga. It is not a joke. Good morning, Helli. Hi, Detective. It’s fast? And how! You will get down on your knees. Where did it come From?. from? From the United States, from Universal Pictures. Here’s the proof: The original Hollywood rental agreement . Do you have any contact there? A friend of Paul Walker. How, do you go out to eat together? No, but they met. Paul Walker chose this car for the Fourth. fourth installment of “Fast and Furious”. With the Tires. tires the way they are now, with the computer. This is the original from the movie. There were 8 stunt cars. This is the original car, no damage. They. They destroyed the other 7, and this one survived? A Skyline is recognizable, but. But this one there isn’t. No, it’s unique. The car was specially modified for the fourth part. Exterior modifications, bumpers and side skirts. The. The lowering and sports brake system are Hidden.. hidden. At first glance it does not Attract. attract attention. But the price of the GTR scares Det. The seller wants nothing less than 300,000 euros. 300,000 euros, it cannot be taken seriously. That guy forgot To. to take his meds! But do not forget that if it cost a hundred, you would see Paul Walker again. And if you are a big fan you pay whatever it is, it Does