Top 24 Pictures Lamborghini Miura Wallpaper

This is the origin of Lamborghini as we. Know it today more than that. it’s where the modern supercar begins. it’s the first food addict. June 1967 was the day the first. Bureau arrived in Britain and just. imagine that body shape coming down yours. the high street in 1967 only the site of. Harold Wilson on LSD could have caused it. more of a stir and as befits the decade. that celebrated the young and groovy. youth created the Miura, the man who. The gorgeous body was just 22. think about what were you doing at 22 at. that age that cars I was drawing still. had guns on them. an official project just seven lads working. after hours for the fun of it. they didn’t realize it at the time, but. those seven impetuous young engineers. were about to spark a revolution until. then all seriously first cars had theirs. big heavy engines here at the front, but. the Miura had its v12 here in the middle.

Setting the template for all future. supercars also mounted the engines. Sideways rather than lengthways to keep. the car compact, mind you, they nicked. that idea from the mini but will let him. have that one there was other radical. stuff that didn’t see the light of day. the first design had a three-seater. layout like a McLaren f1, and it had a. glass engine cover. like a Ferrari 360, this did make it. though the shape of the doors sees. they’re supposed to look like the horns. of a bull nice so beautiful and. ingenious it may have been. but in terms of driving, you were still. at the wheel have a bit of a dog’s. breakfast, the fuel tank was over the. front wheels so as it ran low on fuel. it went light at the front end which. meant you couldn’t steer nice touch that. keeps you on your toes. the interior is well tiny, and every now. and again, the carburettors would spit. Petzl onto the hot engine and the whole. the thing would go up in flames. it is not an easy car hard to drive but. it sounds. Lamborghini knew their masterpiece. wasn’t perfect, and they steadily. improved it throughout its life. culminating in this the SV of 1971 it. had a better gearbox better differential. better tires, better rear suspension and. these better gold wheels, do you know. what it was, it was better. and like all mirrors, it was the car of. the choice for a better sort of person. people like Frank Sinatra Rod Stewart. and this bloke.

Jamiroquai frontman Jay King is huge. mirror fan, this car was so ahead of its. the time you know you can imagine sitting. there is an in a Woolsey 1800 or a TR 6. in 1972, which turns out with the. Lions, you know hopefully with Twiggy and. which would have been to life I mean can. you imagine, but I got a faint it gets. your motor running head out on the. highways take whatever comes my way it’s. a wonderful, wonderful thing, and I don’t. buy cars to speculate I don’t buy cars. like these fools, and they hide them away. the kids today don’t see them they’ll. never know what it’s like to see a. Lamborghini mirror busting past year 130. 40 miles an hour. please to me. shouts out matchbox car 1972 then I am. on the car you remember it you know I. mean that’s not it sets out, so you come. here and there, isn’t it now? I’ve got a. big one, okay.

Then I did notice there’s no. window in well I’ll tell you what I did. with the window reenact it for I will. reenact Econo how you close the door. you’ve mad impetuous rockstar full. you’re the Miura lived a short life just. six years in production during which. time 761 were made that’s all but an. established Lamborghini in massive style. my journey in the mirror has brought me. from shade jk2 Duxford airbase in. Cambridgeshire because the car has a. kindred spirit living here there aren’t. certain machines that are so radical. that make such an impact when you see. but you know things will never be. the same again machines like this it’s. the prototype Concorde imagines how. people felt the first time this flew. overhead. it looked so different, so breathtaking. The thinking behind it was so fresh. that it changed the world. Concorde did it from planes to the mirror. I did it for supercars as a car it was. flawed, but as a concept, it was truly a. masterpiece. so is JK’s still smarting about his. humiliating defeat on our track. I can’t say for sure, but he went very.

Very fast in his mirror so but you see. that’s the thing I went even faster. Jody the other day. Jody Kidon made 2,000 miles an hour on. Concord, it’s so managed to win. This brings me on to a good. point what the best looking machine is. ever made by man Spitfire Spitfire. beautiful-looking anyone else got any. thoughts hold on a minute say that again. yes, I certainly want the sr-71 the spy. Is plane you familiar with that? Yes, it is. an immensely good-looking thick what. about cars. come on, best-looking cars, then try out. who sent TV are always Ray Charles has. joined us this week, we think we’ve. worked this one out three basic in cars. ever Ford gt40, I do agree with that yes. or not yes Aston Martin db7 yeah again. you’re right. What do you mean who said. no, oh, dear, who are you said? That why it was. all about it, you liked it too much. know it’s a nest, and then it’s Ford this. is a man with a two-tone beard. anyway, let’s get back to it. My point is. db7 for gt40 and this I think you’re. right, this the reason why. it’s so graceful if you look at it in. profile is because it’s the same. shape as the wing of an aeroplane which is. another reason it tends to take off. yes, you get to like you see miles an. the hour it generates its lift. remember the Italian Job at the. beginning of it, the bloke bulldozer in. real life the car would probably have. just flown even right over the Mount. another out so if you were to buy one of. these and you buy one now for how much. good sv the better one would cost you. about a hundred thousand something like. that okay if you were to spend a hundred. thousand pounds on a car like this you. I wouldn’t drive it anywhere, know. what I would do put it in the garden. an ornament, oh nice because yet what’s. that program gardening force. well, gravel everywhere. Yeah, what’s it. called change your force that with. Charlie then its features ah. but anyway, forget the gravel forget the. fountains get one of these put it in. your garden looks at it. It’s even better. to look at in the bushes than a. lightning jet-fighter.