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10 Images Aston Martin Db9 Wallpaper Good Looking

hateful you run into my mind and I really can’t take you trying to warn us you see the gut around my neck I’m just showing not looking at the best Baby. baby eichorst I read your photo with your photo reach your photo mountainside we’re driving an Aston Martin Db9.

db9 I actually cannot my body cannot physically process this right now this is nuts this is good friend of the show Sid’s car he also has an RW e 911 and such and this is wonderful wonderful time I can assure you that Aston Martin I’ve been dreaming about this day for so long If.

if you cannot tell my excitement right now this is the same level of excitement as was the case when I.

I drove a 911 gt3rs well as I’m just gonna throw that out there that’s exactly the exact same feeling I’m having right now This. this is not a car that is trackfocused a lot of people get asked in Martin’s wrong and that’s just Not. not what they’re for that’s Not. not what they’re about it Is.

is a GT car Plain.

plain and simple all right and that’s kind of what we’re doing today not really who’s a real GT Norwood beyond to see the sky highway or something Just.

just ripping up and down the long sweeper twisties but you know we’re out on the town that’s another thing this car does so well If. if you want to know you know take your lady out for Dinner