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all let’s try to quickly make it home without getting super wet oh no no no no no no no no no no my peace so little one for you and wow big one thing for you yeah with a cheese crust we didn’t get me a cheese crust I. i put Half. half off okay so marek how do you your vision i mean if i sit normally yeah i don’t see much but if i if i sit .

a honda driver i don’t see any way so either here or here is the Same.

same it’s good but A. a knife Laughter. Laughter whoops so not afraid not at all the bottom of this car here Applause so The.

the lip is in place the front looks much much better straight away there is one thing i want to show you guys because many people were saying that the car is a rusty bucket and of course from the outside it may look . a rusty bucket but let me show you the bottom of the car which is pretty unusual for them so that’s the part You. you use for the jack and that’s the seals there is literally no rust whatsoever the Engine. engine is Dry. dry there’s literally nothing the car looks very very nice from underneath the weather was very very nice one hour ago but now some dark clouds are coming there’s new package that came so let’s Unbox. unbox it Applause Applause