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Top 10 Han’s Rx7 Wallpaper Good Looking

Cars in movies, particularly the Fast and Furious series, aren’t always what they appear to be. Unfortunately, movie magic conceals these facts behind a veil of deception. While you can see twin-turbos and custom interiors in the movies, what’s under the hood and behind closed doors is far from special. A movie car isn’t supposed to be anything more than it needs to be, which is why they’re often completely stock underneath the glitzy exterior.

Han’s Tokyo Drift Mazda RX-7, on the other hand, was a show car before it hit the big screen. Universal purchased the car as a modified example from Veilside in Japan, which included engine, interior, and exterior modifications. The coveted Veilside Fortune bodykit, painted in orange (originally red) and black, made the biggest difference and won many hearts.

Almost everything that could be done under the hood was done. It was turbocharged with a massive interooler by HKS, and the brakes and suspension were upgraded by Rotora, and the interior was modified by the Veilside guys with harnesses, a new steering wheel, and seats. It also had a number of audio system upgrades, including additional monitors and head units. Oh, and it had a nitrous bottle, of course.