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between british company and the texan racing driver claudia lightweight construction and a v8 engine with over 400 hp make the show kober the fastest roadster in the world at the time the combination first of all the formal of the author aesthetically one thing for me the most beautiful in the world and secondly the combination with the brutal American. american power that i had to have all motorcycles on four wheels and there is no comparable car for Me. me acoustically and also formally from the shoulder to the aesthetics and before flights to the driver the car really brakes car it’s right it’s rock solid okay but for the driving fun it conveys it compares the swapping kilometers race at the nürburgring In. in 1964 with the then 14yearold. 14yearold heels there were thousands Of. of people standing at the Top. top of the pylewa airfield their atmosphere was that the biggest race in europe and also the most acclaimed spectators and the Sack. sack for the first time in my life where from doro from the 289 afw cobra to the noise and shape of the car were so unforgettable now i said sometime i have to have it myself 1973 It’s. it’s time heels buys the silver power plant For. for the price a new porsche a good decision would be the porsche is worth maybe 50,000 euros today , an original cobra In. in good condition is not available for less than 400,000 but heels does not see a cobra as an Investment