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Top 13 Lexus Lc Wallpaper Good Looking

try listen oh my god it’s so loud yeah we caught it you guys have to listen to this you’re recording right yep okay here we go throttle house throttle house house house there’s a lot of americans watching this you sound way too canadian okay yeah they’re laughing at you they’re laughing at you And. and you Guys. guys are not supposed to hear that you said you were gonna delete that i thought i did the lc 500 is not that new it’s not that Quick. quick it doesn’t have the gesture controls of an 8 series or the augmented reality of an sclass in many ways it seems old but shift your perspective just a little bit and A. a renewed appreciation will dawn to us the lc 500 still seems groundbreaking a breath of naturally aspirated fresh air in a world of turbochargers this is a car That. that happily sacrifices some performance in exchange for Experience.

experience and Yes. yes for 2021 it’s had some tweaks which include a revised suspension setup a reworked transmission and it’s a little bit lighter but with 471 horsepower and 398 poundfeet of torque it’s not going to be taking down any bmw m850i’s anytime soon in fact it somehow gives the impression that it doesn’t even know that car Exists. exists it stands alone and seeing as its lexus’s flagship we want to find Out. out if it’s worthy of that title if you’re new to throttle house we do Car.

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