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Top 25 Images Audi A3 Wallpaper

Audie has a lot of products in the is the latest addition to that list. First things first, the way it looks, the all-new a3 stays true to the Audi sedan. Design template with slick proportions and a clean-cut shape. Yes, there is a gentler flow to the roofline of the back. But this remains a classic three-box again, if not the shape the styling sure. Gives this car away as the latest a3 sedan, of course. Howdy’s massive single-frame grille is the focal point at the front and what adds an extra tinge of sportiness here is its. Honeycomb mesh sharply cut headlights flank that wast grille and interestingly different versions of the a3 will. Support different patterns for the led does a sculpted bonnet and well-defined. Sides add volume to the a3 and there. Are some excellent details at the back. Well, the tiny spoiler atop the boot lid. It can be optioned in carbon fiber while.

The taillights get a unique led—signature with vertical stripes on them. Outside and a horizontal pattern inside. The a3 is interestingly done on the. Inside as well the hiset vents on either. Side of the instrument binnacle and the. The Angled center console gives the a3 s. Cabin a youthful look very different. What we’ve seen in the more prominent out is as. You’d expect the a3 s cabin is big on. Tech, there’s a 10.1-inch touchscreen for. The infotainment system is a standard fit. 10.2 5 inch screen for the virtual. Cockpit digital dials and in a first on. The a3 heads-up display has been. Included too, but some changes might just. Be a step too far. For instance, there’s a touchpad. Volume control that comes in place of a. Traditional physical dial and while the. A3 automatic gets shipped by wire tech. The pen drive size gear selector appears. A bit fiddly handily though climate.

Control is via physical buttons the new. A3 is almost identical to the outgoing. Model in size, but adi says there’s a. Smidgen more headroom and elbow room on. Offer. Pockets abroad will get the a3 with the. Option of a 150 horsepower 2-liter. Diesel, but that engine will likely be. Bring the a3 with 150 horsepower. 1.5-liter turbo petrol engine paired. With a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Hotter s3 and rs3 versions are also on. The cards and we can only hope howdy. They are having solar all stock of the outgoing. Model, there is presently no a3 on sale. Sadly the wait for this all-new model. It Will be a long one, except the Audi a3 too. With a price tag in the region of 35. Lakh rupees what do you think of the new. Audi a3 could it take the fight to the. Upcoming Mercedes a-class sedan and BMW. 2 series gran coupe eh. Let us know in the comment section below.