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Top 10 370z Nismo Wallpaper

car well I think this is a 2017 model but you wouldn’t really know it from looking at it the 370z one on sale back for the 2009 model year a decade ago and It. it hasn’t really changed all that much these days sales have slowed to almost nothing but it is still on sale and today I’m. I’m Going.

going to review this one I rented this 370z Nismo here in Florida using Toro which is this cool service that lets You. you rent other people’s fun and interesting and exciting cars instead of normal boring airport rental cars you can check out turtle by Clicking. clicking the link in the description below and we get $25 off your first Toro rental so why did I decide to rent a 370z. 370z well Frankly. frankly because This.

this car has been On. on sale for a decade and I wanted to see how it is held up against increasingly more advanced competition and by the way I’m not Making. making up that decade thing or exaggerating it the 370z replaced the 350z for the 2009 model year It’s. it’s been out that long and The. the Nismo version Came. came out the Same.

same year this car has 350 horsepower and 276.

276 poundfeet of torque which is 18 horsepower more than The. the regular model and six more poundfeet Of. of course the Nismo Z has more than just that there are different wheels Compared. compared to the regular 370z and bigger brakes there’s Stiffer.

stiffer suspension for better handling and there’s a body kit For