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Best 9 Mercedes Benz G Wagon Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

most SUV on the market right now the starting price for a new g63 is around a hundred and fifty thousand dollars but these are currently going for way over the sticker price Due. due to high demand and limited supply with some examples selling for as much as two hundred and fifty thousand dollars today I’m going to review the new g63 and find out what makes it so desirable I’ve borrowed this g 63 from CNC motors which is an exotic car dealership here in Southern. Southern California that has an amazing inventory of everything from multimillion dollar supercars to cool SUVs to vintage classics they have one of the most incredible showrooms of any car dealership on the Planet. planet and you can check them out by clicking the link in The. the description below so let’s talk G 63 Now. now as you probably know The. the original Mercedes G wagon came out back in the 1970s And. and over the years it was updated and improved and refreshed and refined but it was never fully redesigned Until. until last year and as a result demand for the allnew model has been huge now I already reviewed the new g wagon a little over a year ago but that was the base model the entrylevel version the g550 this is the one everyone really wants the new G. G 63 the high performance version of The.

the G Wagen which uses a twin turbo v8 that makes 577 horsepower and 627 poundfeet of torque which Is