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Top 13 Nice Pictures Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Wallpaper

to be a good day we are in molsheim the freiburg team and it’s all about this car sheer super sport. 1600 hp i just figured that out Right. right away and What. what the super sports what makes him so special and what also distinguishes him from the normal student we’re going To. to look at that in detail today i’d say they don’t waste any time before we start right now, a quick classification because there are actually quite a few schiro es now gave the first shot then ski racing Then. then scirocco sport and now supersport pure sport we also made a in it we can link it for you up here it goes in the direction of the track and supersport is the fast yes sounds a bit strange when I say bugatti is the fast one they are all fast but this One.

one is really fast 440 km h limited fr eunde so there is actually more so Not.

not to be confused with the supersport 300 + this is the record vehicle it has black orange stripes with which test driver andy wallace drove four 190.4 84.

84 km/h for the road. a bit too fast therefore limited on 440 the supersport 300 + there Are. are only 30 of this one around 70 to 80 are built so also super exclusive how do I recognize the supersport first of all it just has a new Front.

front compared to The. the giro we have a front splitter Of