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launch now controlling over a thousand different parameters will be monitored and verified in the next nine minutes the handoff to endeavours onboard computers will occur at tminus 31 Seconds. seconds and at that point that handoff will not occur if there is anything that is not go for launch Elte OTC. OTC can Hit. hit the central Buses.

buses do you fuel cells for your Checklist. checklist the Orbiter. orbiter access arm will be retracted in about 20 seconds Dilys is go for over there excess time we checked it devil OTC is Your. your final voyage this is both a sad and proud moment for your launch Team. team and for America but your legacy will live on this is success what they invest A. a truly international effort Godspeed and see you back in a couple of weeks orbiters Tuscon dr. mark gavin from the United Space Alliance mission through well at the LPI 30 he started to play recorder team has 6 minutes 28 seconds do you .

6 minutes and Counting PLT APU prestart is complete with three great Fabio and about 30 seconds we’ll be terminating the liquid oxygen replenishment tminus five minutes five seconds jealous is go for over there APU start CLT as You. you see you perform a P star P ROTC reconfigure heater 13 At.

at the LCAP start Is.

is complete OTC CDR eatery can think of me happy off nobody starting the orbiter arrow surface profile test in just a moment still others go for postseason for tminus Three