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trans am the norwegian paul arvid blossoms under the hood no less than 1000 407 hp crazy. most extreme sports cars in the world and a car that scares that is the worst thing I. i have ever experienced in the place that was the first time that i was scared in the car So. so i Had.

had never been scared Before. before and i Really.

really thought that’s not really what you want so it’s not bad the airfield at home this is where the pontiac trans meets at his first opponent his name is georg kramer from papenburg and he is a compound bow shooter georg says only a bullet is faster than My. my point bent himself is milled from aluminum once has carbon call arms and also the deflection rollers which in. principle have double acceleration so speeds are up to 330. feet per second possible So.

so somewhere 350 370 km h there are still 15 minutes until the duel ers th meeting of the two opponents hello i am i am george are you the man with the arrow With. with the fall yes and you are the man With. with the monster i think that i can hit you in the fall i don’t think so i will hit you The. the final preparations the. pontiac is now fitted with the optimal tires so that georg is the same when he has to shoot, a light barrier with an acoustic signal is set up we hope for a dry track Then. then we will beat him the drier the track is The.

the better the start and runway on the airfield is exactly 2.6 kilometers long full of anger will accelerate the Pontiac.

pontiac on a distance of 1.5 kilometers to 350 things 70. 70 meters he will then duel with the arrow there is still one kilometer to bring The.

the pontiac to a standstill that running out you can’t see the sega with the naked eye but the high speed recording proves The.

the pontiac is coming batting an eyelash to the finish line earlier for paul and georg the seconds of truth are coming both candidates don’t know yet who won the competition arrow versus Car. car a tenth of a second difference here. is the car and then and here comes The.

the fine net you saw. it car wins with a Small. small lead First. first thank you an. exciting battle the pontiac trans am by paula ried picture the norwegian bought the car in 2000 since then the Professional. professional tuner has modified his baby by hand into one of the fastest cars in the world the ami just has it as standard 225 little Horses. horses under the bonnet the car became famous as a kit with david Hasselhoff. hasselhoff at the wheel this norwegian conversion is definitely also Ready. ready for the film the heart of the trans m. a job supercharged engine and a whopping 8.9 Liters.

liters cubic capacity. technical data to make the tongues click top speed should be beyond the 400. 400 that acceleration monster it has 1000 407 hp and the parts price without hours of work is around a quarter of a million euros the highspeed oval in papenburg is one of the few tracks in the world On.

on which it is even possible to drive at top Speeds. speeds Above. above 400 review october 2008 $ is driven with his pontiac in papenburg 407 134 km/h. the third fastest speed in europe he wants to beat this value today. matthias malmedie hp used to powerful cars but more than 400 that’s new territory for him to Be. be honest it doesn’t look it would be it should also look a normal car i want to feel the Part. part now you can test drive it on the papenburg Test. test site as a reminder this car is Not. not a Hightech. hightech car costing millions the bugatti or the koenigsegg the trans am is, to put it Bluntly,.

bluntly, a bosserode the matter a real guts applause this vehicle is one hell of A. a street legal nutcase nde wheels at 300 km/h actually the car should be trained before the record Drive. drive actually. driver change now matthias wants to turn the black monster around . matthias first warm up the tires with this car Nothing. nothing easier than that. applause hello it doesn’t matter the fight matthias paul at top speed but after 20 minutes the ride comes to an abrupt end. so well that was then probably the Tires